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Beach Volleyball on Samui

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As it is known, Samui Island is a beautiful island, with miles of golden and sandy beaches worth visiting for a dip in the seas and just to relax on the beaches. The other activity that you can play on the beaches of Samui Island is a great game of beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is today one of the favorites amongst the people of the island.

Tourists and locals love beach volleyball

It is the soft sands of the beaches of Samui Island that has made beach volleyball the favorite amongst both locals and tourists. Lamai beach, Maenam beach, Chaweng beach and Bophut beach are all perfect locations to have a game of beach volleyball. All you have to do is to take a walk along the beaches where you are sure to be able to catch a glimpse of younger boys all having wonderful time playing beach volleyball.

Of course, the weekends, when the locals are free the most are the best times of you to visit beaches in Samui Island to spend your time watching or playing a game of beach volleyball. You are sure to enjoy yourself playing beach volleyball in Samui Island; it is difficult to describe the game. It is only on playing the game yourself do you realize the thrill and excitement the game gives you.

Participate in the various beach volleyball tournaments of Samui Island

There are numerous small and large beach volleyball tournaments organized on Samui Island every now and then. So if you are interested, you can participate in these tournaments of Samui Island. It is not difficult to participate in a beach volleyball tournament; as all you have to do is to walk to the organizers of Samui Island and make a request for participation in the game. You are more than likely to be accepted to play the game.

As beach volleyball is a spontaneous game in Samui Island, the people of the island love it and you are sure to love the game too. So if you are on Samui Island, make sure you make your holidays a fun filled game by having a match of beach volleyball before leaving.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008