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Relaxing at Big Buddha Beach

Koh Samui Activities | Leisure Activities In And Around Big Buddha Beach

Samui Island and its beaches are most famous for its nightlife. The nightlife in Chaweng beach is so hectic that the beach never sleeps and the noise of parties continues long after you quit partying. This is why many people prefer staying in Big Buddha Beach than Chaweng beach as Big Buddha Beach is only a 15 minute drive from the hectic Chaweng beach.

So once your partying is all over, you can head off to Big Buddha Beach for some good sleep and rest in the day time. There are many small night taxis called Song Tows that will take you back to Big Buddha Beach after your partying.

Diving is a famous daytime activity of Big Buddha Beach

During the daytime, diving is an activity most tourists partake of when in Samui Island. The waters around Koh Samui are clear and offer lots of tropical fish to watch that are found surrounding and migrating to these waters.

It is not that only experienced divers can go diving in Big Buddha Beach. Diving here is offered to both certified and experienced divers and to the beginners who enter the waters with the presence of an instructor. The best you can do as a beginner is to join the Open Water Diver Course to learn diving and to enjoy the water life in Big Buddha Beach.

Take diving courses while at Big Buddha Beach

The courses offered here in Big Buddha Beach come in numerous options where you choose the location, boat and island for your diving course. This course lasts only 4 days within which you earn yourself an International PADI Driving License which you can use to go diving anywhere in the world. With dive boats leaving Big Buddha Beach pier everyday, you can learn diving anytime you want when in Big Buddha Beach.

The certified and experienced divers will love to try out the many trips organized for divers here on Big Buddha Beach. The trips to the National Marine Park, Koh Tao and Sail Rock are all worth trying out because of the experiences they offer. it is better to make prior bookings for these trips so that you don't get disappointed when you reach Big Buddha Beach and go diving.

Don't forget a visit to the crocodile farm of Big Buddha Beach

When in Big Buddha Beach, you have to make a visit to the crocodile farm. This farm is found on an 8,500 square meter tropical garden that is located on the same road as the airport of Big Buddha Beach. It is located exactly past the airport, on the road leading to Chaweng from Big Buddha Beach.

On a typical visit to the crocodile farm of Big Buddha Beach, you can watch a man do the silliest, but dangerous thing of putting his head in the crocodile's mouth! This show is scheduled for the afternoon and the best place to visit albeit your wife and kids.

Try the famous Ban Sabai massage of Big Buddha Beach

Though Samui island is famous for its massages, it is only if you have had a Ban Sabai massage in Big Buddha Beach will you say you have had a massage in Samui island. This massage is done in a beautiful massage parlor which is basically a stunning piece of design and architecture from the different parts of Thailand.

The gates here are magnificently carved, while you find beautiful statues in the tropical gardens of Big Buddha Beach. Massages offered here are professional and specialized massages where you get to choose your massage from different herbs and oils to be used in the massage.

Big Buddha Beach offers life music for music lovers

In addition to all these activities, the music lover is sure to enjoy the live music offered in Big Buddha Beach. The weekly Sunday party found at Secret Garden of Big Buddha Beach starts in mid day and continues till 10 pm. You can enjoy the live music offered here by 3 or 4 bands and sometimes other entertainers.

In addition to all this music, you also have a great BBQ to enjoy food. The locals usually take a day off to meet their friends here at 'The Garden' of Big Buddha Beach as it is lovingly and more generally known.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008