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Things to do on Bophut Beach

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Bophut Beach, or Fisherman's Village is one of the many beaches found on Samui Island. It is on the northern coast of Samui island and comparatively quieter and more laid back then the larger beaches of Samui Island, Chaweng and Lamai Beaches.

Head to Bophut Beach if you detest hedonistic nightlife activities

The people who head to Bophut Beach are those who are not interested in the hedonistic nightlife areas of Samui Island. Some people Bophut Beach is also referred to as Fisherman's Village where you can still find some local fishing boats that contribute to this traditional fishing lifestyle.

Bophut Beach is basically about two miles long, and offers some of the most idyllic spots of Samui Island. Bophut Beach has beautiful, white sandy beaches, dotted with coconut palms and wonderful views out to Koh Phangan. The western part of Bophut Beach is more developed with numerous five star resorts under construction here.

Bophut Beach has something special to offer in its accommodation

The accommodation offered in Bophut beach is basically good where you also find some original places here that offer something different from normal beach accommodation you find elsewhere. One of the trendiest places here is Gecko village which managed to attract international DJs to Samui Island.

In fact, Gecko village is famous for its great parties and lovely bungalows. If you want to have some relaxation while in Bophut Beach, then the place to head for is Zazan Resort. This resort is in a secluded area on the western side of the beach where there is a spa and some beautiful accommodation.

Try something exciting while on Bophut Beach

If you want to do something exciting on Bophut Beach, there are many opportunities awaiting you. you have jet skis, snorkeling, kayaking and yachting all available on Bophut beach. Bophut beach is basically a great place to go if you want some more peaceful and quieter than other of the island's entertainment. Though the sands here are as nice as in Chaweng, the water is not as clear here.

The narrow main street of Bophut Beach is best explored by foot or on two wheels. You find a large range of eateries here where Angela's Bakery is the most popular. Starfish and Coffee is also popular which sells not only Thai and International food, but arts, crafts and provides excellent foot massages. There are beautiful places to head for dinner on Bophut Beach where some shop houses have been converted into fashionable restaurants. You can also experience some of Samui's nightlife here, in a more relaxed mood than other places on Samui island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008