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Outdoor activities on Bophut Beach

Koh Samui Activities | Take a look at the attractions Bophut Beach offers you

When in Bophut Beach, you not only get to do things people normally do in beaches in Samui island like relaxing, diving, snorkeling and enjoying the beach parties, you also have lots of other beach attractions and activities to keep you busy.

Bophut Beach is famous for its go-karting

One of the most popular activities in Bophut Beach is go-karting. You can spend the whole day go-karting when on Bophut Beach. There is a course in Bophut beach that can be traversed by both beginners and experienced riders. This course is very fun and fast to go go-karting on. On going to Samui go-kart, you are provided with everything that is required in go-karting ranging from instructions to helmets. All that you have to do is to jump in and go go-karting.

Don't leave Bophut Beach without a canopy adventure

The canopy adventures available in Bophut beach's jungles are something you have to try. You are sure to enjoy the canopy adventure while hanging over 500m of cable is a really exciting way of seeing Samui Island. There are six different tree houses found amidst your canopy adventure in Bophut beach with some beautiful waterfalls and a hammock bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink. You can use the free shuttle from wherever you are on the island to reach these canopy adventures.

The monkey show found here in Bophut Beach is something worth watching. You find coconut trees all over Bophut Beach with its plantations found all over the island. And it is on these coconut trees that you get to see the dexterity of monkeys not only in picking coconuts, but in its other activities too.

Monkeys in Bophut Beach do more than climbing trees

The monkeys in Bophut beach are trained to perform various tricks which they perform while climbing trees. Monkeys show how well they are trained in harvesting coconuts for their future use. in addition to monkeys performing here, you also find some entertainment in the form of performing elephants.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008