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Canopy Adventures

Koh Samui Activities | An introduction to the canopy adventures of Samui Island

If you want to something out of the ordinary while on Samui Island, why not try out the famous canopy adventures of Samui Island. With a canopy adventure, you get to explore the jungles of Samui Island through a different perspective; you practically swing through trees on 500 meters of cable.

Visit a hammock bar on a canopy adventure of Samui Island

While on the canopy adventure, you get to visit six different tree houses on Samui Island, beautiful waterfalls and even get to visit a hammock bar for a refreshing drink of your choice. And to top it all, the organizers of these canopy adventures of Samui Island usually provide free shuttle from anywhere on the island. This saves time looking for your canopy adventure location of Samui Island.

When you opt for a canopy adventure on Samui Island, you are dropped at the base of a mountain where you walk to the office. There is no traffic noise, crowds or pollution here and all that you here is the sound of nature; truly worth the walk up the mountain. Don't forget to wear a pair of good walking shoes when going for a canopy adventure as lots of walking is involved on this trip of Samui Island.

You will be provided with safety equipment on a canopy adventure

You will be provided with the rest of the required canopy adventure equipment that involves world class Tetzl brand mountaineering technology of a harness, safety straps, carabineer climbing clips and a special double wheel and pulleys for a smoother ride. You will be escorted on your canopy adventure by field staff who are experienced, and of course, can speak English.

On completing the canopy adventure of Samui Island with the help of these escorts, don't be surprised if you wish to visit the location for another adventure in a short time.

A typical canopy adventure on Samui Island

When on Samui Island, you have to go on one of the many canopy adventures offered here. One of the most famous companies offering canopy adventures is the firm Canopy Adventures which makes things easy for you to go on a canopy adventure by providing you with shuttle transfer anywhere on Samui Island.

Guides will guide you through a canopy adventure

On reaching the base of the mountain where the canopy adventure starts, you have to walk up to the office to collect the equipment you will need on a canopy adventure. You will be given a backpack with equipment and guides while guides help lead you to the top of the mountain. This mountain peak is the first, and highest platform found on Samui Island which marks the start of the adventure.

When climbing up the mountain, you get to admire the wonderful scenery offered here. If you are not used to climbing hills, you need not worry as you will be given regular breaks to ensure that you have sufficient energy to enjoy the adventure. Once you reach the top of the hill, starts the real canopy adventure.

You have to 'suit up' here on harnesses, and go through safety procedures with the guide who will demonstrate the equipment and techniques of using the safety equipment of the canopy adventure. Then each adventurer checks their equipment on the cable and practices the posture and braking procedure that is required to travel at the right speed on the wire during the canopy adventure. You will be taught the procedure by the guide of your canopy adventure.

A canopy adventure is a true adventure for the adventurous at heart

The Samui Island canopy adventure consists of four parts where the first part is a gentle slope so that you get used to the experience. If nervous, guides will readily accompany you on the ride. The second part is faster and steeper than the first part, which adds to the thrill while by the time you reach the third part, you are more than ready to admire your surrounding scenery when you skim through tree tops like birds. This experience is really exhilarating.

The last run consists of a long and sweeping trip through the canopy where riders are permitted to let themselves go. Once all this is over, you take a short hike to the office for some rest and refreshment. If interested, you could also visit the waterfall found near the office for a cooling and refreshing dip. Isn't this a wonderful experience worth having while on your trip to Samui Island?!

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008