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Chaweng Cove

Chaweng Beach of Samui Island offer lots of activities to keep you busy during your stay here. It is better to proceed to Chaweng beach through the hotels as there are no actual beach roads on Chaweng Beach that can form any form of disturbance to the beach area. Tourists are found more in Chaweng beach during the high season. With clean water, and a temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius, Chaweng Beach is the place to go for a great holiday.

Go kayaking when on Chaweng Beach

When in Chaweng Beach, Samui Island, there are many activities around to keep you busy. There are many kayak rentals found in front of hotels which you can use to access the islands near the reef either with or without a guide. However when making this trip, don't forget to take along your snorkeling equipment as the reef on the ocean side of Chaweng beach is intact and has lots of tropical fish worth watching.

The other water sports are found near the center of Chaweng beach where stalls like Samui Ocean Sports offer catamarans for rent and provides you with the thrill of windsurfing. When on this side of Samui Island, the wind is best during the months of December to February. So this is the best time to go windsurfing when in Chaweng Beach.

Learn windsurfing while on Chaweng Beach

There is nothing to fret if you don't know how to go windsurfing as Chaweng beach is a wonderful place for beginners to take lessons on windsurfing. This is because the bay is very shallow here; so if anything goes amiss, all that has to be done is to walk back to Chaweng beach.

However advanced windsurfers should go windsurfing when the wind gets stronger which is either early in the morning or before rains. It is better to go outside the reef for better excitement when windsurfing.

Relax with a Thai massage when on Chaweng Beach

When on Chaweng Beach, once you spend the whole day partaking in these many water sports, you can relax and treat yourself to a wonderful Thai massage in one of the many Thai massage salas. These salas are small and open wooden houses which are existent practically throughout Chaweng beach.

You are not only offered relaxing and rejuvenating massages in these salas, but also have a pedicure or manicure done. And if you are interested, you can also try out some hair braiding to get a different look to yourself during your trip to Chaweng Beach, Samui Island.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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Chaweng Cove