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Elephant trekking in Samui

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One of the most fascinating activities when on a trip to Samui Island involves elephant trekking. Elephant trekking is an activity you have to partake when on a trip to Samui Island as it is only when you take the trip will you realize the high you receive from elephant trekking.

Book your elephant trekking through travel agents

There are many companies round around Samui Island that look after elephant trekking operations. All you have to do is to make bookings through travel agents, so that your elephant trekking is collaborated with any all day tour you make to the interior of Samui Island. There are over fifty elephants that work for the tourist industry of Samui Island by providing for elephant trekking activities.

An elephant trek in Samui Island lasts about 15 minutes to half an hour and is a great means of exploring the interior of Samui Island. There are also some companies that provide elephant trekking that ventures into the hills from which you get a magnificent view of Samui Island. Then there are some companies that take you through waterfalls during elephant trekking where you have to be ready to take the risk of receiving a cooling shower while walking through the waterfalls of Samui Island.

It is illegal keeping gibbons and endangered species as pets

Though there may also be some companies that keep gibbons and endangered species as pets so that they entertain visitors during elephant trekking, this is an illegal activity in Thailand. So it is better to discourage such activities, if you come across them.

However most of the elephant trekking companies of Samui Island treat their animals well, while keeping their strong sense of ecology in mind. Sometimes the companies organize hikes amidst these treks so that the beasts find it easy to rest in their native jungle habitat in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008