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Samui Go-Kart Race Course

Koh Samui Activities | Go go-karting when on Samui Island

It is a known fact that diving, bungee jumping, golf and Muay Thai boxing are all popular sports played on Samui Island. However in addition to these sports, there are other sports that locals of Samui Island and foreigners enjoy playing when on Samui Island, which is go-karting.

Both adults and children go go-karting on Samui Island

There are three different go-karting facilities offered on Samui Island like Samui Go-Kart that is found on the northern side of Samui Island. These go karting ranges are suitable not only for children to play on, but also for adults to have a go at go-karting. So if you are one of those how have a secret desire of trying out go-karting, but never actually had the chance to try it out just have to visit Samui Island to do so.

Choose your go-kart with care

When choosing your go-karts, remember that the fastest ones can reach speeds of 100 km per hour. So if you are new to the art of go-karting, start with slower ones and then try out the faster go-karts. In addition to providing facilities for both adults and children, Samui go-Kart of Samui Island provides everything required for go-karting from helmets to instructions.

All you have to bring and do is to jump in the go-kart, and go! Go-karting courses are usually open from 9am-9pm; so schedule your trip well so that you reach the course on time.

Different go-karts offer different go-karting pleasure

Samui Go-Kart offers two types of go-karts for your go-karting pleasure; a slow kart and a fast kart, at different rates. The slow kart is available at 300 baht for 10 minutes while the fast kart costs 400 baht for 10 minutes. It is basically better to opt for extra time, than additional time as there are no discounts for additional time. So if you pay for 20 minutes at full rate, you get to use the kart for 24 minutes instead of 20 minutes on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008