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Kiteboarding and kitesurfing

Koh Samui Activities | Have a go at Kiteboarding when on Samui Island

The latest aquatic craze that has hit the world is none other than the sport, kiteboarding. And Samui Island hosts this sport, in its unique Samui style at Samui Orchid Resort, of Laem Set. Kiteboarding in Samui Island is practiced using the latest Airrush equipment. And if you are new to kiteboarding, there are many kiteboarding courses, of different ability levels for you to choose from to learn kiteboarding according to your knowledge of the sport.

There are numerous kiteboarding spots on Samui Island

Samui Island is an island that provides diverse kiteboarding locations for kiteboarding. Most of these spots are not meant for use by beginners and intermediate kiteboarders because of small launch areas and rocks. However there are some places in Samui Island with shallow sandy bays that is perfect for a beginner in kiteboarding. The sites are divided between use by beginners and experts is not only decided by its location, but is also dependant on the tide and wind in the locations.

Kiteboarding is an action filled, challenging and fun sport in Samui Island which will have you coming back for more. It is basically a cross between paragliding, wakeboarding and windsurfing where you use the power of the wind to pull yourself across the water, while your feet are strapped to a small board.

To succeed in kiteboarding, you have to learn to control the kite

The most important thing to remember to learn kiteboarding on Samui Island is to learn how to control the kite. This is because only if you can confidently fly the kite, as if it was a part of the body, will you be able to successfully kiteboard in Samui Island. Taking classes at a certified center in Samui Island is the safest way of learning kiteboarding.

These courses usually last three days after which you may take a one day kiteboarder discovery package. Being a confident swimmer with an average fitness level makes it easier for you to learn kiteboarding. Even children can learn kiteboarding, if interested as it is easier to learn kiteboarding than windsurfing when in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008