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Muay Thai on Samui

Koh Samui Activities | Something about Muay Thai Boxing in Samui Island

Muay Thai boxing is very famous on Samui Island. This is because Muay Thai boxing is basically the national sport of Thailand. You find all the facilities required for you to learn and watch Muay Thai boxing on Samui Island. In fact, it is because of Muay Thai boxing that Samui Island has acquired international fame and recognition.

Muay Thai boxing is a dangerous form of martial art

Muay Thai boxing is also referred to as Thai boxing, and is one of the most dangerous forms of martial arts found in the world. The players involved in Muay Thai boxing in Samui Island are trained in the art from a very young age with hitting and punching of strong pads that are held by the partner. In addition to this, Muay Thai boxing players have to do pushups and sit-ups as part of their training.

If you want to watch Muay Thai boxing matches when on Samui Island, all you have to do is to visit the Chaweng stadium which is found near the Reggae pub. Before competing, the contestants have to do a wai khru dance. Being the biggest stadium in the whole of Thailand, Chaweng stadium holds all of the major boxing championships.

Both foreigners and locals compete in Muay Thai boxing

You find live commentators in the stadium of Samui Island who provide detailed accounts of the match, while there is traditional music being played in the background. Muay Thai boxing is practiced by both locals and international boxers on Samui Island. When participating in tournaments, participants have to wear gloves and helmets.

If interested, you could also make a visit to one of the Muay Thai boxing schools located on Samui Island to find out how Muay Thai boxing is taught and administered on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008