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Koh Samui Activities | Enjoy some Thai boxing while in Samui Island

When in Samui Island, one of the many things you can do is to watch a Thai boxing match. Of course, if you intend to watch a Thai boxing match, you should not mind the violence associated with it.

Thai boxing is famous for its betting and ceremonial beginning

You have to attend a Thai boxing match in Samui Island purely for its spectacle and because of the wild music that accompanies it. Even the ceremonial beginning of a match and the betting that takes place in the stadium is worth watching a Thai boxing match when in Samui Island.

The relationship between Thai boxing players and their teachers in Samui Island is ritualized. In Thai boxing, they first perform a free-fight dance called the 'ram muay' on entering the ring while wearing a headband given by their trainer. This dance starts with a 'wai khru' where the boxer kneels and bows thrice as a sign of respect to his teacher. Once this is done, the fight starts.

The music that accompanies a Thai boxing match is rather interesting

A Thai boxing match in Samui Island comprises of five rounds of three minutes each. The Thai boxing fight is accompanied by music that is stimulated by ring action where it rises and falls as the boxers battle it out. Any part of the body is considered fair targets for Thai boxing in Samui Island.

Follow Thai boxing match schedules, to avoid missing it

Thai boxing matches in Samui Island are usually held every Monday and Friday night in Chaweng while there may occasional matches on other days. There are also many demonstrations of Muay Thai in other tourist areas of Samui Island which are mostly for show. Remember that the Thai boxing of Samui Island is a violent contact sport that is considered to be the ultimate in unarmed contact and should not be done without any professional guidance.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008