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More Sports on Samui Island

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A trip to Samui Island not only promises relaxation and tranquility, but lots of adventure and activities for those interested in sports and related activities. Besides the usual diving and Thai boxing, Samui Island is also famous for its quad bike terrain, 3D Paintball.

Children will enjoy themselves on Samui Island

This is the perfect sport to make your children remember Samui Island for a long time to come. When at 3D Paintball, they can play war in its huge, sculpted terrain that is also perfect for bouncing around on quad bikes. There are also activities arranged here by the management for the entire family, for a full day out.

This sport includes adventure games in the jungle like village attack with free standard paintball guns. You only pay 3 bahts for each pellet used. There is also a wide range of BB guns for hire which look like M16s and Kalashnikovs; and to top it all, there is also free hotel transfer.

Aim for the best in the shooting gallery of Samui Island

Another form of sport, in the form of shooting entertainment provided on Samui Island is its shooting gallery. This range offers a bevy of trained instructors, and many guns for you to choose from for your shooting sport practice. In addition to this, they also provide live ammunition for shooting practice. And with its reasonable prices, shooting practice on Samui Island seems to be a good idea to you.

And instead of just going around shooting, why not try out another sport in Samui Island, horse riding? You get to explore the beauty of Samui Island in a different, and slower manner on horseback. The Ride on Ranch has many tours touring Samui Island's beaches and jungles where you find the European standard houses to be calm and well trained and are provided with all the necessary equipment. So you can now choose and decide on the sport that you will enjoy doing the most while on Samui Island.

If interested, learn karate while on Samui Island

And if you are interested, you can also learn another sport, karate while on Samui Island. The Samui Dojo is famous for the karate lessons offered here. The local sensei of Samui Island, Geoff Pickup will teach you all that is required of the art of Goju Ryu karate at the rate of 500 baht per hour. Classes on your karate sport are held three mornings a week, and can be joined by both beginners and experts as there is always a course beneficial to any karate sport enthusiast on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008