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Koh Samui Activities | Overview of sports activities in Samui Island

Samui Island is an island that is famous not only as a holiday destination, but is a popular destination for numerous sports activities. There are many outdoor and indoor sports practiced in Samui Island that serves as a source of entertainment both to the locals and tourists of Samui Island.

Muay Thai boxing is the national sport of Samui Island

The national sport of Thailand is the most famous sport of Samui Island. This national sport is none other than Muay Thai Boxing. There are numerous Muay Thai boxing tournaments conducted frequently in Chaweng stadium. The reason for the popularity of Muay Thai boxing is that it is considered to be the most dangerous form of martial arts in the present world.

The other popular sport of Samui Island is beach volleyball. Of course, it is because Samui Island has numerous beaches this game has grown in popularity here. Weekends are the best times to watch beach volleyball when you find many youngsters playing the game for fun, and participating in tournaments once in a while.

Samui Island also offers indoor sports for you

If you are one into indoor sports, you find snooker to keep you entertained in the many resorts found on Samui Island. There are many snooker tournaments regularly organized in the snooker club, the Happy World Samui. You can have extra fun playing golf or tennis here too because there are many golf courses and tennis courts on Samui Island for you to pursue your game.

The other games you can play on Samui Island are badminton, jogging, football and cycling. So it can be seen that Samui Island is indeed a place where sports has an integral part in their day to day activities.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008