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Play Snooker on Samui

Koh Samui Activities | You can get to play Snooker in Samui Island

Besides all the outdoor activities that you can partake when in Samui Island, you can also try out playing snooker when on Samui Island. There are many bars, hotels and resorts on Samui Island that have snooker tables where you can play snooker.

As snooker is a popular sport in Samui Island, there are numerous facilities to teach your snooker. The game of snooker basically involves the hitting of 21 different colored balls using a white ball, the cue ball. The winner is the person who scores the most points dropping these balls in the holes found on the four corners of the snooker table.

There are many snooker tournaments in Samui Island

It is because Thailand hosts numerous snooker tournaments that snooker is so famous in Thailand, and Samui Island. When on Samui Island, both tourists and locals can play snooker to learn the tricks of the game. All you have to do is to visit the hotels and resorts of Samui Island with snooker tables to practice and play snooker.

Some of the hotels worth visiting for a snooker table is the Imperial Samui Hotel, Samui Palm Beach Resort, Samui Marina Resort and many others. the snooker tables found here are green, as usual, and well maintained; giving you all the more interest to play snooker on Samui Island. Of course, you find all the required equipment to play snooker like the long cue, the 15 red balls and the remaining 6 different colored balls with the white balls.

You can learn snooker in the many training workshops of Samui Island

When using the snooker tables in these hotels and resorts, you of course, have to pay a certain fee. If a novice to the game, there are also professionals who will help you with the learning the game. There are also many training sessions and workshops conducted in Samui Island for the use of amateurs and beginners.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008