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Angthong National Marine Park

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When in Samui, your hotel is sure to suggest a day trip to the fascinating group of islands, Angthong National Marine Park. The Angthong National Marine Park consists of 42 tiny limestone islets found to the north and west of Samui, and is geographically different from other islands found in this region. These islets sport virgin tropical rain forests, coral reefs and white sand beaches, all clubbed together as the Angthong National Marine Park of Samui.

The highlight of Samui, Angthong National Marine Park

These islets of Angthong National Marine Park are different from the other islands found around Samui island in the fact that they rise from the seas as walls of rock that are hundreds of meters high. It is the rains that had seeped through the limestone of the island of Angthong National Marine Park over millions of years that had created the huge cavern found in the center of the rock. Over time, the roof of the cavern collapsed, to form the present emerald lagoon of Angthong National Marine Park that is surrounded by steep cliffs.

You have to be strong at heart to visit Angthong National Marine Park

This lake of Angthong National Marine Park can be accessed through a series of 'ladders' leading to a crevice in the cliff. You just have to squeeze through the crevice to walk along a walkway to reach the inner face of the rock wall. From here you have a choice of going to the top of the cliff for a scenic view or to go down to the lake via a cleared seam of limestone.

This may be difficult for the weak of heart and those who are not in shape. There is a rope, however to give you some support to pull yourself over the bigger stones. There is about ten meters of exposed, steep karst to be scrambled over to reach the top; however the fantastic view of Samui Island and Angthong National Marine Park and its surroundings is well worth it.

Book your Angthong National Marine Park day trip through travel agencies

Unlike other islands around Samui Island, it is not possible to go for swimming or diving in the lake of Angthong National Marine Park. People usually visit Angthong National Marine Park on a day trip from Samui. There are many agencies in Samui Island that can arrange this trip to Angthong Marine National Park for you. However instead of going through day trips, and standard cruises, it is better to get a few friends together and charter a boat to explore the Angthong Marine National Park.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007