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Big Buddha Beach

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Samui island of Thailand is known for its beaches. And one of the most famous beaches of Samui Island is the Big Buddha Beach. The other name the Big Buddha Beach has is Bangrak Beach. The reason this beach is called Big Buddha Beach is because of the 12 meter high Buddha statue found dominating the area.

The Big Buddha is the highlight of Big Buddha Beach

It is this Buddha statue that is the most famous tourist attraction of Samui Island while the resort found here is much calmer and quieter than Chaweng and Lamai beaches. The Big Buddha Beach is found on the north east coast of Samui which is found at a distance of about 15 minutes from Chaweng beach.

The Buddha statue on Big Buddha Beach took two years to build. It is possible to see the statue from the air on arriving to Samui Island. The statue is beautiful to look at with its upper section decorated with huge prayer bells. It is possible to go to the top of the statue of Big Buddha Beach and get a beautiful view of the sea.

Enjoy the festivities in Big Buddha Beach

This spot of the Big Buddha Beach is the liveliest in Samui Island during important festivals where there are huge celebrations. The best time to make a visit to look at this statue is when the sun sets as you find great photo opportunities here. In addition to this scenic view, the Big Buddha Beach spot offers great souvenir stalls and the usual food and drink stalls.

Big Buddha Beach offers a range of accommodation for you

There is a good range of cheap and medium priced accommodation found in Big Buddha Beach for you to choose for your accommodation. Recently a few high end hotels and resorts have been added to the list of accommodation here. This is why Big Buddha Beach today attracts a diverse group of tourists and not only budget travelers.

Those who stay on Big Buddha Beach are those looking for some accommodation near Chaweng beach, so that the nightlife of Chaweng beach can be enjoyed to the fullest but be able to relax with privacy during the day.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008