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Chaweng Beach

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Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is found on the east coast of Samui Island and is the most developed section of the island. This is a place both families and youngsters look forward to visiting for a holiday.

Walk to an island from Chaweng Beach

Chaweng beach is about 7 km long with sand that is powdery white and water that is emerald blue. Chaweng beach is bordered by a coral reef, making waves break while leaving the bay peaceful. There is an island that can be reached just by walking through the shallow waters of Chaweng beach.

The second island is however, a bit further out which can be reached while snorkeling and kayaking from Chaweng beach. However if you intend to walk around the islands, make it a point to take a pair of shoes along with you. This is because the island is made of sharp coral sands.

Sufficient accommodation for everyone on Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach not only provides you with a beautiful beach to relax and partake in water sports, there are also many bungalows and hotels on its white sand beaches. The accommodation in Chaweng beach ranges from five star luxury resorts to the smaller, budget bungalows. The main road near Chaweng beach is lined with restaurants of all cuisines imaginable.

You are sure to enjoy yourself on Chaweng Beach

In addition to the local Samui cuisine, you can also find restaurants in Chaweng beach offering Japanese Sushi, Thai and Mexican food. There are also dive shops near Chaweng beach offering diving equipment for rent and sale for use on Chaweng Beach. And to help your relax further, after a long day on Chaweng beach, you find quite a few, excellent open air discothèques. There are also fast food and convenience stores found here to meet all your day to day needs.

You find additional entertainment in the local Thai boxing ring that is found situated inland from Chaweng beach. There is also an open air produce market and lots of food stalls that cater to the locals of Chaweng Beach. You find that the central part of Chaweng Beach is more crowded than the north of the beach.

You find lots of vendors offering beverages, fruit, local Thai food and ice cream to keep your stomach full at all times. And to take home some items for memories of Samui Island, there are many stalls offering local crafts and Thai souvenirs in Chaweng beach.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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