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Hua Thanon Fishing Village

Koh Samui Attractions | Go fishing; eat fish in the fishing village of Hua Thanon, S

Samui island is truly a tourist's paradise considering the amount of sightseeing and activities you can partake while on the island. Besides the usual diving and snorkeling on the beaches of Samui island, you can make a visit to the fishing village of Hua Thanon during your visit there.

Maximum Muslims in the fishing village of Samui

The only Muslim community of Samui Island exists in this fishing village. The reason for this is that the people living in this part of Samui had migrated from Pattani, which is found bordering Malaysia on the far south side of Thailand. While migrating here, they had brought distinctive high bowed boats which were painted with bright patterns.

Though the boats are well colored, the village as itself is poor and ill maintained because of the decrease in the number of fish here. As the name suggests, Hua Thanon is famous and sought after for the fresh fishing it offers. The fishing found in the village markets here provide the freshest of fish, straight from the boats.

Everyone loves fish in the fishing village of Samui

Though Muslims are predominant in this village of Samui island, you can find a patchwork of people including Indians, Chinese and Tha´s who are together a part of Samui's population. Besides the lively fishing market here where everyone eats fish everyday, there are also a few restaurants serving reasonable food.

A visit to Hua Thanon of Samui brings you to a place that is local, and follows authentic ways of life. Don't expect any bungalow resorts in this part of Samui; but if you want to, you could rent some of the houses which are available for monthly rental. The best thing to do when you are in Hua Thanon is to go shopping for food.

You are guaranteed of receiving superb and fresh seafood here, at reasonable prices. In fact, if you buy seafood at Hua Thanon, you are sure you are buying seafood here that is much better than anywhere else on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007