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Tourist attractions in Lamai Beach

Koh Samui Attractions | Lamai Beach sightseeing and things to do

Despite being a beach, Lamai Beach offers lots more than the water sports, diving and relaxing that is associated with a beach. You find an open air market and old monastery found on Lamai Beach are some of the main attractions of Lamai Beach.

There is a museum to visit while in Lamai Beach

In addition to this, there is also a local museum offering local artifacts worth examining. And to the city person, the picturesque village scenes Lamai Beach offers are indeed a treat to the eye. The nature lover finds that exploring the paths found behind Lamai beach road to be a great place to start getting back to nature.

Don't forget the Grandfather and Grandmother of Lamai Beach

The Grandfather and Grandmother rocks are found down the road, and are loved by both the Thai and foreign tourists of Lamai Beach. On the south of the beach side, of the main road is found the Wat Silangu which is one of the two golden pagodas found on Samui Island. The scenic view offered here, which stands out against the deep blue tropical sky provides great photo opportunities to the ardent photographer.

Lamai Beach and Chaweng beach are located at walking distances from each other. While moving from one beach to the other, you find some great viewpoints that overlook the bays of Laem Nam and Chaweng Mon. There are also some small restaurants that help you enjoy the ocean vistas offered here. And if you are an early riser, the sunrise found here in the viewpoint is really worth catching.

Navigate the roads of Lamai Beach safely

The main beach road of Lamai Beach has many places of interest, including health and meditation centers, a Thai boxing school and dive shops. However as the main road of Lamai beach is rather narrow, where traffic can get hectic at times, if you take a car, make sure you drive carefully.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008