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Lamai Beach

Koh Samui Attractions | An overview of Lamai Beach, Samui Island

It is a known fact that Samui Island is famous for its beaches. With Chaweng beach being the largest and most famous beach of Samui island, we have Lamai Beach running as the second largest beach of Samui island. Lamai beach is found about 10 km from Chaweng on the east coast of Samui Island.

Lamai Beach is not as crowded or as busy as Chaweng Beach

The sand of Lamai Beach is not as powdery as that in Chaweng; however you find a more peaceful and natural atmosphere here with the hundreds of coconut trees bending over its blue-green waters. Moreover, with the absence of a reef protecting the bay, the sea proves to be a little rougher which makes Lamai Beach the perfect choice for those who love playing in waves in Samui Island.

Unlike Chaweng beach, Lamai Beach is not as busy or as crowded as the latter. In fact, the small town of Lamai is considered to be a median between the remote places of the other parts of the island and the crowds found on Chaweng beach. Lamai beach is comfortable enough for you to take a walk through in the evening to find a variety of eateries and entertainment venues to visit. The most common and sought after attractions here are events involving female mud wrestling and all girls' Thai boxing of Samui Island.

You can find accommodation that meets your budget in Lamai Beach

Accommodation is no problem in Lamai Beach as there is a wide range of accommodation options here where the best places like Long Island Resort, Spa resorts of Samui and the new Buriraya are all found out of town. Bungalow accommodation is comparatively cheaper in Lamai Beach, but there are also some resorts that are nice, comfortable and reasonably priced.

The phallic rocks of Hin Tin and Hin Yai, and the Wat Khunaram where you find the mummified monk Loung Pordaeng are popular visitor attractions of Lamai Beach, Samui Island. There are some hotels found in Lamai Beach in jungle settings, which overlook secluded coves; thus making great romantic hideaways. Families have some nice resorts with activities that will keep children busy during your stay in Lamai Beach, Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008