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Maenam Beach

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Maenam Beach on Samui

Samui Island is a beautiful island off Thailand that is famous for its beaches. There are numerous beaches found here of which Maenam beach is one of them. You have to travel a few hundred meters along Ring Road to reach Maenam beach, one of the prettiest beaches of Samui Island.

Maenam Beach is famous for its tranquility

Once you reach Maenam beach, you arrive in a tranquil spot that is fringed all the way with majestic palms. And to meet your accommodation needs, you get some of the cheapest accommodation deals here on Samui Island. If you want something better on Maenam beach, you can always stay in one of the up-market resorts found here.

The sand of Maenam beach may not be postcard white in color; but it is a fine yellow color with a turquoise sea. Koh Phangan can be seen from here, and if the weather is clear, you may also be able to see Koh Tao from Maenam beach. Maenam is basically an unspoilt beach where on sitting on its sands, and looking in any direction, you find that there is not much of development anywhere around you.

Bungalows adorn the skyline of Maenam Beach

All you may be able to see would be small collections of bungalows on Maenam beach. Harry's Bungalows are bungalows worth staying in when in Maenam beach. The Santiburi Dusit is located here, and is one of the first luxury hotels of Samui Island which is still going strong. This is a resort that offers a wide range of water sports for you to play, and a wide range of dining opportunities.

Unlike most beaches on Samui Island like Chaweng beach, Maenam beach is seldom crowded. The most you may come across on the island is a handful of people sunbathing on the beach. So if you really want to have a great time relaxing when in Samui Island, Maenam beach is the place to go where there will be no disturbance in your relaxation.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

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