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Nangyuan Island

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Nangyuan island is a tiny island that is found lying to the northwestern end of Koh Tao, which is in turn, located a four hour boat ride from Samui island. Unlike Tao island that resembles Samui island ten years ago, Nangyuan island is considered to be more of a getaway.

Enjoy your honeymoon on Nangyuan Island

Nangyuan island is one of the best Samui islands to visit for a honeymoon or to work on the last chapter of your novel. The most famous accommodation found in Nangyuan Island is Koh Nang Yuan dive Resort where you find no distractions for the newly wedded couple except for the picturesque view of Koh Tao and for the wonderful coral reefs where you can go snorkeling or diving during your stay here.

You are sure to enjoy yourself while on Nangyuan Island

The owners of this resort have also created an island retreat that is unlike any other resort found in southeast Asia. So wonderful is the atmosphere here in Nangyuan Island that you wish to keep this holiday destination a secret with you and you near and dear. The staff here gives meaning to Samui, Thailand being called the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

Nangyuan Island's resort was built keeping nature in mind

The beaches on Nangyuan Island are formed by the interaction of the ocean's currents in the three peaks of the island to make this stretch of triple stranded beach something unique to Samui Island. The resort here was built by architects keeping the natural rock formations of the island in mind. The Beach of Nangyuan Island was not touched; only the boulders of Nangyuan Island were used.

It is only if you make a visit to this beautiful resort of Nangyuan island will you realize the potential of this part of Samui island.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007