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Beautiful temples of Samui Island

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Samui Island which is located off the western coast of Thailand is famous world wide for its wonderful beaches and active nightlife. However there is a side to Samui Island that is not known to many; the fact that Samui Island boasts of many beautiful and attractive temples.

Temples in Samui Island are called Wats. The Wat Phra Yai is the home of the most famous landmark of Samui Island, the Big Buddha. It is the size and beauty of this remarkable statue that attracts tourists to Samui Island, and this temple.

The Buddha temple can be seen when leaving and reaching Samui Island

This 12 meter gold statue of the temple is so gigantic that it can be seen from several kilometers away and from the air when leaving and reaching the island. There are many shops and restaurants found at the base of the statue to cater to your daily necessities. This temple is found near the airport of Samui Island.

The Leam Sor Chedi is found at the south end of Samui Island between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka. This is a beautiful temple pagoda that is found in the grounds of Wat Laem Sor, on its rocky water's edge. The pagoda is covered in small yellow tiles and appears to be golden in color when viewed from a short distance.

Visit the ruins of Khao Chedi when on Samui Island

The Wat Khao Chedi of Samui Island too is found in the Wat Laem Sor grounds, at a distance from the Khao Chedi. This monument had been neglected for many years; it is only recently that the path leading to the Chedi had been cleared to provide access to it. there is a small hillock found near this temple in Samui Island which when climbed, provides a beautiful view of the peaceful ruins of Khao Chedi. You also get to see the breathtaking view o the Laem Sor Bay and its nearby islands from here.

The Sumret temple of Samui is the White Buddha's guardian

The Sumret temple of Samui Island is considered to be the guardian of the ancient White Marble Buddha which is hundreds of years old. Within its grounds in Samui Island, you find the Secret Hall of Buddhas which is a beautiful collection of revered and valuable Buddha images.

These items are so valuable that there has been a recent series of thefts in the temple; which has led to the locking of the door of this hall. However if required when visiting Samui Island, this door is opened by a monk when requested. Wat Sumret is located on the west of Hua Thanon on the 4169 ring road of Samui Island.

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2007