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The many temples of Samui

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Small Chinese shrine in Chaweng Beach

A majority of the people of Samui Island are Buddhists where their rituals and practices may be slightly different from others around the world. However one thing is common with the Buddhists here and across the world; the temples of Samui Island.

There are temples all over Samui Island

The temples here are called Wats and are the focal points of all villages of Samui Island. Some of the more high profile temples are now tourist attractions of Samui Island where the presence of foreign visitors don't distract the residents who come here to pray. There are some devotees who visit the Wat everyday while others visit only at times of misfortune or when in doubt and uncertainty.

You find a variety of temples on Samui Island

The temples on Samui Island range from the simple to the grand where the grand temples attract thousands of tourists every year. When visiting the temple, it is important that you dress appropriately and remove your shoes before entering. It is important not to point your foot to the worshippers or Buddha when sitting or kneeling in the temple.

A visit to the Kunaram temple is very important while in Samui Island. This is the temple where you get to see the body of Samui's famous mummified monk Loung Pordaeng. It is here that the monk of Samui Island had died more than 20 years ago while sitting in a meditation position. Till date, he lies in the same position with no signs of any major decay on the body. this temple is found on the 4169 ring-road found between Na Muang waterfalls and Hua Thanon.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

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Small Chinese shrine in Chaweng Beach
Rooftop dragons at the Chinese Temple in Chaweng
Chinese Temple in Chaweng
Chinese writing at the Chaweng shrine