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The floating population of tourists in Samui Island makes it worthwhile considering starting a business in Samui Island. However there are some restrictions on the type of business you can start in Samui Island. as foreigners, you can own and operate some types of businesses, while some businesses cannot be started by foreigners in Samui Island.

Consult the authorities before starting a business in Samui Island

According to the law on Samui Island, some businesses cannot be majority owned by foreigners, while other businesses can. It all depends on the meeting of some conditions and rulings of Samui Island pertaining to starting a business. The main person you have to approach is the authority on this issue in Samui Island, Thailand's Alien Business Law.

You can get all your doubts clarified on approaching the authority. If you are at doubt on starting a business, all you have to do is to use a search engine to find websites providing information about this law. In addition to these websites, there are many publications you can refer to for answers to your initial queries.

Read local law books on opening a business in Samui Island

All you have to do is to visit book stores on Samui Island like Asia Books stores, Bookazine stores and DK Books. Not only do you have to refer these books before starting a business in Samui Island, it is better to also approach a business adviser directly for advice on the matter.

The best people to approach for the best advice on this matter would be a locally-based, reputable and international law firm where you will be able to get specific information pertaining to the business you intend to start in Samui Island.

In addition to providing you with the required information, these firms will know about latest changes, which may be to your advantage in the laws about starting businesses in Samui Island. you can get a list of names and contact details of such law firms in Samui Island with the help of internet search directories.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008