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Koh Samui Business | The cost of living in Samui Island

To many people who have visited Samui Island, the island beckons them to make the island their place of retirement. However the first point that has to be considered if you intend to retire in Samui Island is to find out about the cost of living in Samui Island.

Your living style determines your cost of living in Samui Island

The cost of living in Samui Island basically depends on the sort of life-style you can afford to live on Samui Island. After all, Samui Island is a tourist destination where the cost of living in different places of Samui Island caters to your different spending needs and styles. However with the right contacts, it is possible to escape all this as there is an ex-pat community in Samui Island that knows where to shop, relax and eat cheaply in Samui Island.

When you retire to Samui Island, you have to remember that the cost of living here is not one of the cheapest places for retirement. When touring, Samui Island looks like a paradise, it is only when you retire and live here that you realize that the cost of living is high here as the services offered here are limited.

You can survive in Samui Island with as little as 10,000 bahts a month

Some foreigners who decide to retire on Samui Island tend to disappear into the Thai environment of Na Thon town and the island's farmer community found on the south of Samui Island. These people have a low cost of living and have easy access to the beauty of Samui Island as the beaches of Samui Island are always free.

You can live in Samui Island with a cost of living as low as 10,000 bahts a month, without actually visiting the many tourist places of Samui Island. This means you have to live in small sized house where you eat local cuisine and follow conservative social habits. If you want to live in Samui Island with socializing, you will have to be ready to see your worked out budget falling out.

Get an idea of the cost to live a moderate lifestyle on Samui Island.

However with 20,000 baht a month, it is possible for you to live in an air-conditioned one bedroom house with hot water and TV. You will have to live away from the beaches and rent a scooter for transportation and still have sufficient money for a good and varied diet and spend few nights out a week.

If you have the money, the sky's the limit in Samui Island

Basically, the sky's the limit if you wish to live on Samui Island. There are some luxurious properties on Samui Island that you can rent where your expenses will soar through the roof if you also intend to sample food in world-class restaurants found on Samui Island.

You can spend your day in cheap activities that range from free strolls on the beach or just worshipping the sun or you could pursuit expensive pursuits like a game of golf or perhaps take a scuba diving trip on the beautiful coral reefs of neighboring islands of Samui Island.

You can get an idea of the cost of living in Samui Island by having a look at the cost of basic amenities on the island. a liter of petrol costs between 30 - 35 baht, depending on where you fill up. If you love drinking beer, you will have to pay about 150 to 200 baht for half a dozen beers in the supermarket.

A dozen eggs on Samui Island costs about 25 baht while a liter of milk costs 20 baht and a loaf of bread, 20 baht. You can find T-shirts at night markets on Samui Island that range between 100 to 150 baht. Most of the modest designer label jeans in a Chaweng boutique cost about 1000 baht.

Western dishes cost more in Samui Island

If you love Thai meals, then you can get it for about 50-80 baht in a modest tourist restaurant in Samui Island. Noodle dishes in a modest roadside café costs about 25 baht. However you will have to pay more if you want a western dish in Samui Island. it costs about 150 to 200 baht in an average restaurant.

The average taxi fare on Samui Island is about 100 baht while the consultation fees for a visit to the local hospital costs about 200 baht. You can cut down on your medical costs by taking some basic medical insurance in Samui Island that costs about 10,000 bahts per year. If you love movies, you can hire DVDs on Samui Island for only 50 baht per movie while a broadband internet service in Samui Island costs about 1500 bahts for 512k per month.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008