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Samui festivals: Rambutan Fair

Koh Samui Business | Enjoy rambutans during the Rambutan Fair of Samui Island

The rambutan is a delectable fruit that is quite common to those in Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, Vietnam and some other South east Asian countries. There is also a Rambutan Fair held every year in Samui Island and Thailand to commemorate the anniversary of planting of the first rambutan tree here.

The Rambutan Fair is held at the start of the month of August. It was in the year 1926 that the first Rambutan plant was planted in Surat and today, it has become a famous fruit that is sold all over Thailand. The Rambutan Fair is conducted at Is Surat Field along the River Tapi Dam.

This fair is basically held to promote the 'ngo rong rian' where you find local products on display, and sale. If you attend the Rambutan Fair, you find yourself immersed in its authentic and rustic atmosphere. The highlights of the Rambutan Fair includes agricultural exhibitions of ornamental plants, local products, demonstrations by trained monkeys, coconut collectors and the many beauty floats that are decorated not only with rambutan, but also with other fruits.

Rambutans in Samui resemble the lychee

The rambutan of the Rambutan Fair resembles the lychee, belonging to the same botanical family. The structure of both the fruits is similar where you find a single inedible seed that is wrapped with edible white flesh. It is only its skins which differ where the rambutan is hairy while the lychee is not.

It is mainly because Thailand is the largest producer of rambutan that the Rambutan Fair is organized in Thailand. So if you love exotic fruits, and wish to try out all the products made from the rambutan fruit, all you have to do is to make a visit to Samui Island during the Rambutan Fair. Your travel agents will be able to help you book tickets so that you can plot your trip to ensure you arrive in Samui in time for the Rambutan Fair.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008