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History of Big Buddha Beach

Koh Samui Culture | Koh Samui attractions and beaches: Big Buddha Beach

It is a known fact that the Big Buddha Beach of Samui Island is named after the huge Buddha statue found on the island of Koh Farn. It was on 27th April 1972 that the construction of this statue of Big Buddha Beach had begun. It took the Tha´s two years to complete building this beautiful statue of Buddha on Big Buddha Beach.

Visit Big Buddha Beach on its festival days

The best times to experience the grandeur of the Big Buddha on Big Buddha Beach is during the festival days like Loy Krathong and Song Khran. This is when the temple is the focus of Samui Island. There are massive celebrations during these festivals in Big Buddha Beach.

It was in the 80s that the causeway to Big Buddha Beach's island was constructed and since then most of the land between the island and mainland has been reclaimed. The latest addition to the Buddha statue of Big Buddha Beach was the tiered golden, pagoda style umbrella. This umbrella towered over the Buddha, thus increased its height by another few meters. However some construction and design faults lead to the umbrella collapsing in a month of its installation. Luckily no one was hurt in this accident.

Big Buddha Beach was once famous for its mines

There are mines found at the Bophut end of the Big Buddha Beach. These mines were worked for many years so that tungsten could be brought to the surface. It was in 1977 when activity in the mines was ceased following a bad accident where 6 miners were killed, and one more seriously injured. It is because of these deaths that locals hesitate to go near the mines saying that the mines are haunted by these lost souls.

However as the mine operations were not going on in a large scale, there was no scar to the landscape. In fact, these mines did not provide as much as the fishing and coconut farming operations did to the economy of Big Buddha Beach.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008