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When on a visit to Samui Island, you have to ensure that you participate in one of the many famous ceremonies found here. In fact, in addition to customary ceremonies, Samui Island boasts of some ceremonies that are organized by Samui island government.

The ploughing ceremony of Samui Island emphasizes on rice farming

One such ceremony of the many ceremonies of Samui Island is the ploughing ceremony. This is a ceremony meant to indicate the importance of rice farming occupation and in the process, boost the morale of farmers all over Samui Island. According to custom, the Farming Lord, or Phraya Raek Na ploughs a piece of land that is designated on Phramane Ground, near the Grand Palace to signify the start of the ploughing season. He offers a variety of food to the cows used in the ceremony where the choice of food is the basis for forecasting the rainfall and rice harvest.

This ceremony of Samui island is performed at the start of May every year, and is not different from ceremonies performed in the old days. In fact, today this festival of Samui island is simplified while its origin is Brahmanism. In modern times, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture is considered to be the Phraya Raek Na.

Not only do Thai and foreign dignitaries attend these ceremonies but also farmers attend this ceremony of Samui island to collect rice seeds sown on the field during the ceremony. This is because they consider these rice seeds to be holy, which brings blessings to their fields if they are mixed with their own seeds.

The Coronation Day is a ceremony of Samui Island

In addition to the ploughing ceremony of Samui island, there are many royal ceremonies held here, organized jointly by the government and the Office of the Royal Household while following tradition. The Coronation Day of Samui island is one such ceremony which is held on 5th May, which marks the ascending of the throne of His Majesty King Bhumibol.

This is when the His Majesty of Samui island makes merit to monks in remembrance of the deceased monarchs of Chakri Dynasty.

His Majesty's birthday is celebrated as the Thai national day in Samui island. It falls on 5th of December while Her Majesty's birthday falls on 12th August. These ceremonies are when the Majesties make merit while following tradition of Samui island.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007