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Koh Samui Culture | An Insight to Samui History

The history of Koh Samui is not that elaborate except for the fact that Thailand is one of the few countries around the world that is proud of never being colonized. It is also a country that has not fallen under any form of European rule in its history. This is why Thailand is referred to as the Land of the Free.

Samui has a mysterious history

It was the fishermen and sea traders of Samui history who had sailed through the Gulf of Thailand who had discovered Samui while looking for some shelter from storms in their voyage. In fact, its name 'Samui' is derived from the word 'Saboey' which means 'safe heaven' in Chinese. Not much is known about the history of Samui as little has been documented of its history. What little history is known is that which has been passed down through word of mouth.

According to history, it took about eight hours to reach Koh Samui for a traveler from Surat Thani. They had no alternative but to stay on the island and build a home. With this, an independent community of foreigners and locals was built on Koh Samui. The principle religion of Samui is Buddhism; however with more and more Muslims living in Samui, the Muslim population too increased.

Agriculture was the main source of income in Samui in the 1970s

Until the arrival of the foreigners in Samui in the early history of 1970s, agriculture was the main source of income in Samui. It was the adventurous backpackers from Europe history who enjoyed their discovery of Samui. They established Samui as a wonderful holiday destination and to make them comfortable, the locals started providing these visitors food, accommodation and important services.

In fact, in the seventies and eighties history, Samui started developing into a hippy paradise. This is because people loved the laid back lifestyle prevailing here with its natural surroundings. Bungalows started replacing huts and with this, the infrastructure in Koh Samui saw great developments. Transportation to Koh Samui improved in leaps and bounds with a regular ferry service started and the airport that was constructed.

The last ten years brought about the latest advancements in Samui

The greatest advancement in the history of Koh Samui took place in the last ten years with more and more investors building five star resorts here. This transformed this fisherman's island into the major tourist destination of the world it is today.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007