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Samui festivals: Loy Krathong (Light Festival)

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Loy Krathong, the Light Festival of Thailand is the most awaited festival of this country. This festival falls on the evening of November 14, on the full moon day of the12th lunar month. this is when the waterways, klongs and hotel swimming pools go ablaze with dazzling lights.

The Light festival makes Samui look like it is going to burst

Krathong is also celebrated in neighboring countries while it is marked with full funfair in the kingdom. This Light Festival is said to have started in Sukhothai Province of Thailand about 800 years ago. You can find a stone inscription here describing the ancient Loy Krathong Light Festival. This inscription mentions that the city looked as it would burst when lit during the Light Festival.

It was when the ancient city of Sukhothai was restored to its former grandeur as the Historical Park of Sukhothai when its ancient festivals and legendary festive atmosphere was restored. And one of these festivals was the Light Festival, Krathong which is till today a major attraction of Thailand.

Women of Samui dress up for the Light Festival

During Krathong, the Light Festival of Thailand, you find Thai women dressed in colorful attire with their hair decked with flowers. Men are dressed gaily on this festival; fully garbed with floats in their hands at any spot they find water.

While the krathongs of the light festival make their way downstream, you find little boys swimming to them, in a bid of retrieving the coins here before releasing these krathongs down the river of no return. There are numerous explanations for the significance of this festival.

Lovers of Samui love the Light festival

Most belief that these krathongs are made to float down water so that on floating, they take with them the owner's misfortunes. Then there are some Thais that believe that you can slough off all your sins and calamities of a year by floating a Krathong. There are also some lovers that believe that it is possible to predict their romance by watching their krathongs float downstream during the Light Festival, Krathong. Whichever significance you associate with the krathongs of the Light Festival, watching the Light Festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008