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Chak Phra Festival

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The Chak Phra festival of Samui Island is a wonderful annual celebration where you find religious devotion, cheerful atmosphere and a magnificent pageant. The Chak Phra festival is held in the month of October to celebrate the end of the three month Buddhist Rains retreat, or the Phansa.

The Chak Phra festival of Samui Island organizes processions of Buddha

If you take the literal meaning of the Chak Phra festival, Samui Island, it means the procession of the hauling of the images of Buddha. The story behind this story is that it was during Phansa that Lord Buddha had gone to heaven to preach to the spirit of his mother. And the day that Lord Buddha returns to earth is referred to as "Ok Phansa'; and this is the date Chak Phra festival is celebrated in Samui island in consideration of religious merit making and celebrations.

During the Chak Phra festival of Samui island, you find enchanting processions of revered Buddha images that are held both on land and water to signify the return of Buddha to earth. It is during the Chak Phra festival in Samui island that local people hold boat races on the Tapi River using long boats carrying a maximum of 50 exuberant rowers who are cheered by shouting and laughing crowds standing on the banks of the river. In addition to these boat races, the locals of Samui island conduct land and waterborne processions consisting of Buddha images symbolizing the return of Buddha to earth during the Chak Phra festival.

Chak Phra festival of Samui also organizes races and sells food

In addition to conducting the Chak Phra festival, the people of Samui island conduct the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom's Cup Long Tailed Boat race, the Phanom Pra boat contest, the Phanom Pra car contest and fairs stemming from Surat Thani's foods and products. So it can be seen that the Chak Phra festival of Samui island is a wonderful and entertaining festival that is worth visiting, and watching when in Samui island.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007