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Koh Samui Diving | Some beautiful diving sites on Samui Island

Samui Island is rightly referred to as the diver's paradise, with the many diving courses, shops and sites offered for both amateur and novice divers. The Turtle Island, Koh Tao, is found about 70 km north of Samui Island, and has numerous diving sites located both in and around Koh Tao.

Samui Island offers some challenging dive spots

In fact, Koh Tao is considered to be a mini-tropical paradise of Samui Island with jungle walks and white sandy beaches waiting for you to visit. The visibility range in the waters surrounding the island is about 15-30 meters and includes popular diving spots of Chumporn and Southwest Pinnacles, Red Rock, White Rock, Nang Yuan and Green Rock.

Chumporn Pinnacles is one of the most challenging dive sites found around Samui Island where you find occasional strong currents in waters of depths 10-35 meters. The challenge in this site is offered by numerous fascinating submerged pinnacles where the highest of these rocks lie about 16 meters below the water surface. When diving off Chumporn, you get to swim with schools of barracuda, tuna and mackerel and man sized groupers and large pelagic fish.

The Southwest Pinnacles of Samui Island provide numerous short wall dives

The Southwest Pinnacles is another diving site off Samui Island where you find three rock formations ranging from 4-30 meters height below the surface. This provides for a series of short wall dives while its tops have blankets of underwater plant life arranged in an array of numerous colors. When diving here, you may encounter leopard sharks and perhaps, an occasional whale shark.

The Samran Pinnacles off Samui Island is a more advanced dive site as the water is deeper here, and the currents, stronger. The rocks found here are found below 12 meters of water and tends to attract large schools of fish, making diving more interspersing. Green Rock is a diving site off Samui Island where you get to swim through depths of 4-25 meters of large archways, caves, crevices and caverns. You get to see numerous fish when you go diving here too.

The White Rock off Samui Island offers you two submerged pinnacles to explore about 2 meters above the surface while extending about 18-22 meters underwater. The Sail Rock lies between the islands of Koh Tao and Phangan, on the north of Samui Island where the main attraction is a 15 meter, naturally formed underwater dive wall or chimney.

Ascending through the chimney to the surface makes diving interesting here. If you want the best of diving on Samui Island, then you have to go to Ang Thong National Marine Park with the many caves, tunnels and passageways you experience while diving.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008