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Besides the beaches, temples and nightlife of Samui Island, another reason to visit Samui Island is the diving opportunities offered here. the clear blue waters, amazing marine life off Samui Island and warm temperatures makes Samui Island a popular destination for both experienced divers and those who want to pursue the sport for some reason.

Learn diving when on Samui Island

There are short and accredited dive courses available in Samui Island, which are reasonably priced when compared to other countries. You find many dive shops around Samui Island that offer different levels of instruction; and on looking around, you are sure to find a course that is conducted in the language of your choice.

You are sure to enjoy diving classes on Samui Island

The reason for the popularity of the diving courses in Samui Island is the locations where these courses are conducted. Diving courses in Samui Island are usually held off the shores of beach, calm waters off Chaweng and other places around the island. When you go diving in Samui Island, you find that water visibility is somewhere between 3-30 meters. The currents around Samui Island are not that strong; except on the west coast during monsoon months.

Samui Island offers diving classes for all types of divers

While the novice diving classes on Samui Island are a short boat ride away, while diving classes for advanced divers are held in other places like Ang Thong National Marine Park and Sail Rock. This means that there are different diving classes for the different types of divers when they come to Samui Island. In addition to taking your classes, you can also admire the places of attraction found on Samui Island, making it interesting to you to complete your diving classes. So if you are a novice diver, Samui Island is a great place for you to take diving classes.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008