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Koh Samui Diving | Learn diving while in Samui Island

Samui Island offers you many activities to take part in during your trip to the island. You can take part in beach parties, relax on beaches, take day tours of temples and other attractions or indulge yourself in any sporting activities like Samui diving.

The clear waters of Samui Island beckon you to learn diving

The clear blue waters surrounding Samui Island, and its warm temperatures and amazing marine life all make diving in Samui Island the favorite pastime of many tourists and locals. In fact, many experienced divers love diving on Samui Island while novices love learning diving on Samui Island.

This is because there are many short and accredited dive courses available on Samui Island which are reasonably priced when compared to diving courses in other countries. There are also many dive shops found on Samui Island that offer all levels and languages of instruction of dive courses.

Samui Island diving courses are reasonably priced

Not only are the dive courses on Samui Island reasonably priced, the locations where these diving classes are conducted give you more the reason to pursue the course. Dive courses are usually held off the beach on the shallow and calm waters of Chaweng, Coral Cove or other similar locations on Samui Island.

Wherever the classes are conducted, you find that the water visibility here is always between 3-30 meters. Moreover, currents found around Samui Island is variable and seldom strong. It is only sometimes that you find strong currents on the western coast of Samui Island.

Diving spots of Samui Island are easily accessible

Most of the locations for diving courses on Samui Island are a short boat ride away for novice divers while you find locations for divers about two hours away at places like Ang Thong National Marine Park and Sail Rock. With so many facilities offered for both amateurs and experts in diving being offered on Samui Island, you can say that Samui Island is aptly referred to as a diver's paradise.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008