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Samui Spas: Amata Spa

Koh Samui Health | Amata Spa is the most beautiful spa of Samui Island

A visit to Amata Spa will make you think you have found a diamond on Samui Island. This is because this Amata Spa, which is a part of Coral Bay Resort found on Samui island, in North Chaweng is much more than an amenity spa.

Amata Spa has a wide range of treatments to offer you

Basically, Coral Bay Resort itself is something more than your average Samui island hotel, which makes it reasonable that Amata Spa is as attractive as it is. The interior of Coral Bay Resort is beautiful and resembles a tropical Asian design. On going down a short flight of stairs, you reach the spa reception of Amata Spa where you will meet the spa manager.

She has under her therapists who have completed more than 300 hours of training of massage, anatomy, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition. This means you are in good hands when you visit Amata Spa of Samui island. When in this Samui island Amata Spa, it is important that you try the hydrotherapy and chill out zone.

Amata spa boasts of Samui Island's first infrared sauna

Amata spa is where you find Samui Island's first infrared sauna that enhances your immune system, relieves stress, improves your skin condition and improves cardiovascular condition. In addition to this, you also find a herbal steam zone, a shower room having different high power jets of water that is sprayed to different parts of your body and a cold-water plunge pool that has a splashing waterfall.

The packages offered by Amata Spa, Samui island offers various combinations of treatments which can also be tailored made. If you love the therapy Amata spa of Samui island offers you, you could opt for a 3, 5 or 7 day Coral Resort Special Retreat. The single treatments this Samui Island spa offers includes massages, body scrubs, wraps, pedicure, hand treatments, sun soothing treatments, waxing and anti jetlag massage.

Amata Spa of Samui island prides itself on using only the purest ingredients in their spa products, which are made in Thailand. Amata spa is indeed a spa worth visiting during your trip to Samui Island to relax and get rejuvenated on your return back.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008