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Samui Spas: Ban Sabai Spa

Koh Samui Health | Feel on top of the world when at Ban Sabai Spa

When on Samui Island and you feel the need of getting a rejuvenating massage in a Thai styled house, then you have to make a visit to the Ban Sabai spa. Ban Sabai spa a spa in Samui Island that gives you a choice of receiving your treatment either in Thai style houses or in traditional salas found on the water's edge.

On visiting Ban Sabai spa of Samui Island, you get so much pampered that you feel as if you are on the top of the world. It is located on a fabulous location, on big Buddha Beach. There is a wide range of massages for you to choose from in Ban Sabai spa, including foot, facial, herbal steam and classical Thai.

Enjoy your spa treatments in a tropical garden of Ban Sabai Spa, Samui Island

Not only do you get massage treatments in Ban Sabai spa of Samui Island, you are also offered body masques, a private Jacuzzi and a herbal steam room. All this treatment is nestled in a tropical garden of Ban Sabai spa, on the Beach of Samui Island.

Ban Sabai Spa of Samui Island offers you many spa packages for you to choose from to get rejuvenated from after your visit to Ban Sabai spa. The Jasmine package lasts 6 hours and starts with a body scrub, then the herbal steam room, after which you have to choose between a classic Thai, aroma or herbal steam massage and an aroma bath for deep relaxation. This ends with a foot massage while you are served fruits, and a spa gift, in between in Ban Sabai Spa of Samui Island.

Try out the different packages of Ban Sabai Spa, Samui Island

The Jampee package of Ban Sabai Spa lasts 4 hours and consists of a herbal steam massage, a deep and relaxing body scrub and a pampering facial massage with which you get a fresh new smile. If you want to get really rejuvenated at the Ban Sabai Spa of Samui Island, then you have to take one of the rejuvenation packages, which includes accommodation.

The Ruby package of Ban Sabai spa lasts for 3 days and 2 nights where you are given an aroma therapy and bath for an hour each on the first day. The second day on Samui island consists of herbal or aroma oil massage for two hours, herbal steam room or sauna and a one hour facial massage on day two.

The third day consists of an hour for foot massage and an hour for pedicure and manicure. There are other packages in this Samui Island Ban Sabai spa like Sapphire package for 5 days and 4 nights and the Blue Diamond package that lasts for 7 days and 6 nights. Though there are fixed packages, you can change spa treatments in Ban Sabai spa, Samui island as you want. Any additional treatment you seek is offered at 10% off the regular price.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008