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Samui Spas: Centara Spa

Koh Samui Health | Centara Spa, a five star spa of Samui Island

There are two branches of Centara Spa on Samui Island for you to enjoy its 5-star spa facilities in 5- star resort spas. One is found at the Central Samui Beach Resort in Chaweng while the other is found at the central Samui village on Natien beach, next to Samui Butterfly Garden.

Enjoy your spa treatment in the village spa of Centara Spa, Samui Island

Though these two spas are branches of each other, they have their own unique characters. The main difference these two Centara Spas have is their location, and the fact that the Chaweng spa offers spa treatments in air-conditioned luxury while the village spa offers their treatments amongst cooling sea breezes.

These are the only differences between the Centara Spas for its list of services, and its mode of delivery, is identical. On reaching Centara Spa, you are given fresh tamarind juice with an aromatic cold flannel and a menu of treatments for you to choose from. Centara Spa offers 15 massages to choose from, including the 'Hot oil Aromatherapy Massage' that is unique to Thailand.

Couples share packages in Centara Spa, Samui Island

Couples have packages in Centara Spa which they can share with each other. While she gets pampered with a Thai herbal polish, he can enjoy a fitness facial in Centara Spa. Whatever you choose, when in Centara Spa, you are sure of getting excellent treatment vested by well-trained staff in luxurious surroundings.

Packages for women in Centara Spa includes earthly pleasures; something with aromatherapy body massage and facial treatment. men can enjoy the sea of senses package which leaves him feeling great, and improving his skin's appearance. then there are packages for couples in Centara Spa like the Centara celebration where both of them receive an aromatherapy full body massage and facial treatment.

Centara Spa offers different types of massage for you to choose from like aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage and Thai honey and orange juice massage. The facials offered in Centara Spa include aromatherapy facial while if you are looking for something in body care, you could consider the hot oil and papaya body wrap that Centara Spa of Samui Island is famous for.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008