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When traveling to Samui Island from Europe, there is basically no need for any vaccination. However to be on the safer side, take polio, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis A, B vaccinations before leaving. Though it is not advisable to drink water from the taps on Samui Island, you can use it to wash your teeth or vouchers.

Drink bottled water in Samui Island

Drink only bottled drinking water when on Samui Island. The small and large cylindrical ice floes found on Samui Island are safe; however avoid the crushed ice you may find in small gravers.

You find four hospitals on Samui Island if you need any medical aid. The Samui Bangkok Hospital is the most professional hospital on Samui Island. However the rates here are outrageous, and are found on the principal road of the south of Chaweng. The international Thai Hospital is another hospital of Samui Island, found opposite the Tesco Lotus.

The International Bandon Hospital is the third hospital of Samui Island, which is found at the exit of Chaweng, in the direction of Bophut. The fourth hospital of Samui Island is the International Samui Hospital that is located at the northern side of Chaweng, on the beach road.

The personnel of international hospitals in Samui Island speak good English

The personnel of all these hospitals of Samui Island speak good English, making things easier for the tourist. In fact, you find it easier to use your European and American insurances, in case you need hospitalization in these hospitals.

You also find the local public hospital located before the town of Nathon with local tariffs. But the facilities here are not as modernized as the facilities found in the four modern hospitals of Samui Island. You also find numerous private clinics and pharmacies throughout the island for your health care.

Get all your dental work done inexpensively in Samui Island

You needn't think twice about getting dental care in Samui Island as dental care is inexpensive here. Dental care here is of good quality with the cabinets in dental clinics filled with modern material. So if you have some major dental work to be done, you might as well have it done while in Samui Island as you can save lots of money in the process.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008