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Samui Spas: Health Oasis Resort Spa

Koh Samui Health | Improve your health at Health Oasis Resort Spa

Health Oasis Resort Spa is one of the many established health centers of Samui. Unlike other health resorts, Health Oasis Resort Spa not only pampers you, but also offers oil massages, facials and the like.

Health Oasis Resort Spa is located on the north of Samui island, away from main tourist areas. It is located in both a peaceful; and convenient locality that you wouldn't mind staying here for a few days or weeks as required by your package. in fact, it is because of this peace and convenience that many people make it their home.

The staff of Health Oasis Resort Spa, Samui Island is friendly

Health Oasis Resort Spa is found in a village community with the friendly people living here. there are many health programs available here for you to choose your treatment from. you have colonic cleansing and fasting and Ayurvedic Traditional Indian Medicine, Yoga and Reiki all offered here in Health Oasis Resort Spa. As most of the teachers are residents here, you always have an expert or two around who will provide you with help and information on your packages.

In addition to availing the different treatments in Health Oasis Resort Spa, this is the only facility on Samui island that is licensed by the Department of Health as a Traditional Medicine Hospital where there are many training courses in spa and health related skills. You also find a large range of dietary supplements and health products here in Health Oasis Resort Spa, Bang Por for you to buy if required.

Health Oasis Resort Spa, Samui Island is famous for its fasting and colon cleansing

The many programs offered in Health Oasis Resort Spa are fasting and colonic cleansing programs which help in cleansing the cellular system of the body and the many cleansing and special programs for liver, parasites, lungs, blood and lymph. Health Oasis Resort Spa also offers programs for weight loss, Candida, stress release, cravings and constipation.

There are many inner beauty day spa packages in Health Oasis Resort Spa that lasts for half a day and a full day for you to choose from, in addition to a blend of pampering and inner health services that include acupressure, foot massage, tarot and aura readings, head and neck, ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation and lots more. Training courses too are many in Health Oasis Resort Spa while the many health facilities and health products help to keep you healthy while in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008