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Koh Samui Health | Just hideaway in Hideaway Spa of Samui Island

The best way for a nature lover to enjoy life would be either by roughing it up in tents, in nature, or to visit a top of the range spa that is environmentally friendly as Hideaway Spa. This is a spa that has a company policy where flowers cannot be plucked.

Hideaway Spa is a part of Sila Evason Hideaway Resort, found on Samrong Bay which is an unspoilt area of north-east coast of Samui island. On reaching Hideaway Spa, you find that the view to the neighboring islands of Koh Som and Koh Pha-Ngan is wonderful. There are rustic timber beams acting as steps that lead to the Hideaway Spa reception.'

Hideaway Spa, Samui Island offers a large range of treatments

Hideaway Spa offers you a large range of treatments for you to choose from that includes massages, facials, body wraps and body scrubs which are tailored to your specifications. They also add their unique style to everything like the Four Hands Hot Stone Therapy which is a combination of hot stone treatment with the sensuality of essential oil massage that is performed simultaneously by two therapists.

You can also opt for yoga, numerology, hypnotherapy, pilates, tarot, reiki and meditation and lots of proposed holistic treatments in Hideaway Spa. Not only do you have a choice in the type of package that you would like in Hideaway Spa, you can also decide where you intend to have your treatments. You can choose between air-conditioned luxury in individual luxury villas or the tropical sea breezes, in private salas of Hideaway Spa.

You are sure to enjoy the Spa Delight of Hideaway Spa, Samui Island

Some of the famous spa packages and therapies offered by Hideaway Spa include the Spa Delight where you get a choice of your body scrub, body massage, body wrap and facial in their spa villa having an oceanic view. The Hideaway Experience of Hideaway Spa is an experience worth trying where you get a recharge bath, choice of body scrub and body wrap, head massage, facial, hand and foot paraffin wax, oriental blend massage, foot reflexology and a shampoo with blow dry.

It is only on visiting Hideaway Spa in Samui Island, and looking at all the spa packages offered here will you realize the potential this spa offers in helping you improve your health and body.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008