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Samui Spas: Is Spa

Koh Samui Health | Is Spa is one of the new spas of Samui Island

Is Spa is one of the newer spas of Samui island that was opened 2 years ago, and is located in Chaweng, in front of its parent hotel. Is Spa is a spa that was created while paying detail to everything both inside and out. The decoration with waterfalls, tropical gardens and stylish architecture interests you the most to visit Is Spa for your health packages.

Is Spa offers an endless list of treatments for you to choose your treatment from. the most exciting package offered by Is Spa is the Hot Stone Massage where hot, smooth, volcanic pebbles are placed on numerous charkas of your body by two therapists. These therapists use essential oils, with the movement of the stones, to stimulate your lymph system and thus detoxify your body and relax you.

Choose from 16 oils for an oil massage in Is Spa, Samui Island

If you choose an oil massage in Is Spa, you find that Is Spa offers you a choice of 16 different essential oils to choose from. Is Spa also has its own blends created to correspond with your zodiac star sign, and thus personalize your treatment. you are offered samples for smelling by Is Spa therapists, while being explained its benefits and characteristics.

One of the more popular packages offered by Is Spa is the After Sun Package that is best used after the sun. it comprises of a cooling wrap with fresh aloe and cucumber. The Romance Package is another package offered by Is Spa, which is considered to be the ultimate package for romantic couples. It comprises of a body scrub, massage and a choice of facial treatment.

Do try the Royal Treat of Is Spa, Samui Island

The Royal Treat is a must for all visitors which uses age old massage traditions. The Total Detox Ritual is a great rejuvenating package that is a combination of Eastern and Western pampering to stimulate, relax and detoxify your body. It is up to you to decide on the best package to choose from Is Spa that proves to be beneficial to you both physically and mentally when in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008