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Samui Spas: Kandaburi Spa

Koh Samui Health | Kandaburi Spa, Samui Island offers reasonably priced treatme

Kandaburi Spa is a spa that offers friendliness, professionalism, a lovely environment and value for the money you put in the spa here. Kandaburi Spa is a new, 4-star spa located in north Chaweng of Samui island. The specialty of Kandaburi Spa is that its price for treatments are less then you'd expect.

Kandaburi Spa is more than a spa of Samui Island

Kandaburi Spa is an air conditioned spa housing a hairdressing/beauty salon, a gym and fitness center, 5 treatment rooms where one is single and the other four, doubles, Jacuzzi and a Swedish-style sauna. There is a large variety of treatments for you to choose from in Kandaburi Spa; the friendly receptionist here will guide you through these treatments and make informed recommendations to you regarding your personal preferences and skin type.

The therapists in Kandaburi Spa are professionally trained and fully certified by the Ministry of Public Health of Samui island. The natural products Kandaburi Spa uses are genuine. Biocot Professional products are used for facials where therapist have been trained on the right usage of these products.

Try the combination packages of Kandaburi Spa, Samui Island

In addition to the usual treatments Kandaburi Spa offers you, it also offers massages, body scrubs, body wraps and some special treatments. These special treatments include Bust Firming Treatment in particular and the Intensive Remineralizing Treatment that comes with a spirulina firming mask; and other therapy not available in other spas.

There are many combination packages offered by Kandaburi Spa like the Sun Lover package that lasts for 2 hours and consists of a sun tan massage and sun recover wrap. The Healthy Package also lasts for 2 hours and offers a traditional Thai massage and intensive re-mineralizing treatment.

The Firming Package of Kandaburi Spa includes an aromatherapy massage and bust firming treatment while the Kandaburi experience offers a Kandaburi body scrub, aromatic sauna and special treatment for anti-ageing skin and cream mask. There are many more packages Kandaburi Spa offers you while at the spa. It is up to you to choose the package that best suits your needs when in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008