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Samui Island is a beautiful, deep sea green jewel that is found on the southern coast of Thailand. this is a beautiful place to visit for its nightlife, beaches, massages, diving and other activities. to add to this list of attractions offered on Samui Island, it has been decided to introduce a meditation course which is taught by ordained Buddhist monks.

There is a resort that promotes meditation on Samui Island

Recently, the 'Middle way' team of Dhammakaya has started conducting monthly meditation training sessions on the Five Star Samui Peninsula Resort and Spa on Samui Island. This resort on Samui island has offered its beautiful facilities to create a base to introduce promote and teach basic meditation to the interested.

It is known that meditation is essential for the mind and one's inner being, and is important in complimenting the various treatments and massage therapies offered in the spa. So people looking for a means of developing a peace of mind when in Samui Island with which it is possible to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Dhammakaya Meditation is the specialty of Samui Island

When you attend the meditation sessions held on Samui Island, you learn the Dhammakaya Meditation technique of meditation that is simple, original and very much effective in relaxing a person. This is why this meditation technique is not only famous on Samui Island, but also on the international scene. Moreover this meditation technique of Samui Island is not conflicting with any religion or belief system, and is open for everyone.

The specialty of the Dhammakaya meditation of Samui Island is that it is the only meditation technique in the world that considers the center of the body to be the natural home of the human mind, and an inner gateway to enlightment. So the closer your mind lies to natural home, the closer and deeper you lie in natural state of mind and happiness. So if you want to learn a great art, that proves to be beneficial to you for a long time to come, take up a meditation course when on your trip to Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008