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Samui Spas: Quan Spa

Koh Samui Health | Quan Spa is famous for it luxurious features

Quan Spa is the first of its kind in Thailand, and the third of its kind in the world. This is a spa that was started by the world famous hotel group, Marriott International and has lived up to its name. The Quan Spa is part of the Renaissance Resort and Spa of Laem Nam, which itself is a beautiful spa with its own luxurious features.

On visiting Quan Spa you get to meet its manager who presents you with the long list of treatments available on Quan Spa. If required, he or she will also provide you with the necessary advice and guidance so that you choose the right treatment for yourself.


You are offered excellent treatment when in Quan Spa

You can feel the friendliness and professionalism existing in Quan Spa while you go through the spa. Not only does Quan Spa offer you excellent treatment in Samui Island, the locations it takes you for your Quan experience is worth a mention. Your experience starts with a trip to the private treatment suit where you pass through lovely gardens with its lovely fountains, boulders and sandstone.

On entering the suite, you find that you have a choice of a steam bath or Jacuzzi to take in Quan Spa. As this Jacuzzi can comfortably accommodate 8 people, you can really enjoy it on your own, or with your partner. It is but imperative that you try out one of Quan Spa's packages while in the spa. These packages not only leave you revitalized, but offer terrific value for your money.

The Embrace Package of Quan Spa is the package for couples

While using Quan Spa as a couple, you have to use the Embrace package where she gets a foot bath, manicure, her choice of facial, honey-mango body polish and aroma fusion massage while he gets his choice of foot bath that is followed with a Mandarin salt scrub, skin fitness facial, pedicure and Quan's Qi-fusion massage.

The experience is sealed with a honey mango cocktail on the beachside sala. This is just a description of one of the treatments offered in Quan spa. It is up to you to go and look through its menu to relish the experience Quan spa offers you.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008