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Reflexology on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Health | Reflexology is the call of the day on Samui Island

Tiring feet can be rather strenuous during a tour or vacation. And especially to a destination that offers so many places of attraction for you to visit, and lots of nightlife and party life to enjoy. One such place is Samui Island, which not only provides you with reasons for reflexology for tired feet, but also with other remedies for tired feet.

Many massage parlors offer foot massage on Samui Island

There are many massage parlors on Samui Island that offer foot massage reflexology. It can't be said that all forms of foot massage is reflexology. However with reflexology, you are bound to enjoy a soothing experience with the free flow of body energy it invokes in the body. The actual concept of reflexology includes dry massage with application of pressure on particular areas of the foot.

With this specific foot massage, you find a reflex action in other parts of the body; and this is the reason a foot massage is considered to be reflexology. Foot and hand massage are not new therapies or concepts in Samui Island. There is proof in Chinese and Egyptian documentation that they have been used in helping mankind since the last 4,500 years. Over the years, practitioners have been able to locate the body parts to the corresponding parts of the foot. Today experts know where to apply pressure on the sole, to receive pleasure elsewhere in the body through reflexology.

Reflexology also offers benefits for numerous ailments

Reflexology not only relaxes your feet, but helps in benefiting numerous ailments that include indigestion to insomnia, with no side effects. For example, applying pressure on the big toe relieves sinuses wile pressure on its second joint relieves neck ache. The length of a treatment varies, according to the problem, and the condition of the patient. The weaker, older and younger patients receive shorter sessions with less pressure than sturdier patients.

You can find reflexology in many of Samui Island's health centers and retreats. So when on Samui Island, make sure you try out this ancient art of reflexology to reap its maximum benefits during your stay here.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008