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Koh Samui Health | Thai Massage and other massages on Samui Island

Samui Island is famous for its various massages which range from traditional favorites to the modern massage concepts. So have a look at the different type of massages you find in the many spa resorts located on Samui Island.

Samui Island is known internationally for its Thai massages

The Thai massage of Samui Island is one of the greatest massage traditions of the world. The therapists manipulate the energy traveling in your body to blend with the yoga traditions of India. This massage is great for the legs and balancing of energy in the body. The Thai massage in Samui Island is done with the person clothed and without any oil where energy lines are pressed with the therapist's thumbs and palms in gentle and complete patterns.

You need at least two hours to complete a massage in Samui Island

Different body parts are massaged independently; this is why this massage takes two hours to complete in Samui Island. People with some back problems are not advised to have this massage; while those who are not flexible may feel a little sore the next day.

The Pra Kron on Samui Island is a form of Thai massage where herbs are wrapped tightly in a cloth, steamed and then touched or pressed to your body as required. With the additional heat here, you experience a better therapeutic effect with this massage. It is great for deep muscle aches and joint pain.

Try the foot massage when in Samui Island

There are different types of foot massages offered in Samui Island that include the washing and soaking of your feet, to be followed by an abrasive scrub to remove dead skin. Small tools are used for reflexology in rubbing the sides and tops of your toes in Samui Island. This massage is firm, and painful to some people. The therapist also works at pinching the sides of your feet and using their fingertips to work some areas of your toes and feet thoroughly.

Some more interesting massages available in Samui Island

Not only do you get Thai massages and foot massages in the spa resorts of Samui Island, but a whole range of other massages are offered here for you to choose from too. The Swedish massage is called the classic massage in Sweden. It is the basic oil massage of North America and Europe which uses kneading, percussion and gliding as its massage techniques.

Volcanic stones are used in the hot stone massage of Samui Island

In Samui Island this massage is done by using oil and may be hard or soft, or general or specific. Karate chops on the shoulders are its percussion techniques while its signature move is the long gliding stroke made down your back using palms of both hands.

In the hot stone massage, warm and smooth volcanic stones and the therapists' hands are used for the massage in Samui Island. The heat of the stones are let to penetrate through your skin by placing them on and under your body. These stones absorb negative energy in your body and usually take you into a dreamlike state during the massage.

Most of the spas in Samui Island offer oil massages with essential oils which you can choose based on your preference for smell and its effects. To realize the effects of aromatherapy, the massage has to be administered by a highly qualified practitioner of Samui Island. The massage is more like a gentle Swedish massage or a lymphatic oriented massage.

The cranial sacral therapy is a treatment worth trying in Samui Island

One of the unique treatments offered by some spa resorts in Samui Island is the cranial sacral therapy which is a subtle treatment, using light pressure. The cranial sacral therapy is a massage that places maximum emphasis on the bones of your head and face. However it also has techniques with which it is possible to release trauma in other parts of the body.

A few massage therapists and health professionals of Samui Island perform this massage nowadays. This is an effective massage for those who have suffered from head and facial injuries, balance problems, dental trauma and to release any pent up emotional energy.

In addition to these massages, there are other techniques offered in many Samui Island spa menus. These techniques are usually named with descriptions of the desired effects of the massage. However most of these massages are pleasant and don't pose to cause any harm to you at all.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008