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Koh Samui Health | An overview of the different spas on Samui Island

Samui Island is proud of the many spas it has offering various kinds of spa treatments that is sure to meet your beauty requirements. In addition to spa treatments, these spas offer Thai massages that help relax and rejuvenate you during your stay here. These spas in Samui Island are found as individual massage centers while some of them are part of hotels and resorts.

Both your mind and body relaxes in a spa of Samui Island

There are many great spas on Samui Island and its surrounding Islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. It is basically the environment of the Island, and its natural beauty of coconut palm trees, fresh air and nice beaches that make the Island the perfect destination for spas. On visiting a Thai spa, you find that both your mind and body relax as you are relieved of stress. These spas are usually surrounded by Thai traditional interior and furnishing to add to the look of the spa.

Get replenished both internally and externally in the spas of Samui Island

The main forms of treatment offered in spas in Samui Island include traditional Thai massage and energy treatment, traditional oil massage and a warm stone massage, body scrubs, wraps and facial masks and other massages like Swedish and Shiatsu massages. You are also offered foot massage and reflexology, skin, nail and face care, head and facial massage and Jacuzzi, spring baths and herbal baths in the spas of Samui Island.

In addition to these external treatments, there are different products these spas in Samui Island offer you to get replenished during your stay in the spas of Samui Island. It is up to you to decide what spa treatment you would want from these spas in Samui Island. In addition to all this, you are taught meditation, relaxing techniques, yoga, reiki, Chi Kung and Tai Chi to help you relax when required, on leaving the spas of Samui Island.

Enjoy the fruit and vegetable juices offered in Samui Island spas

The greatest benefit of visiting spas of Samui Island is that not only are you offered a wide range of massages and external treatments to help rejuvenate you, you are also offered many food and juices that are made from fruits, herbs and vegetables, steam room, herbal sauna or dry sauna and green tea and natural spring water for health.

These products have their individual beneficial effects on the body; which help in reducing stress, acidity, flatulence and helps in giving you pure and soft skin. The best spas of Samui Island are all designed professionally with interiors that are created using Thai and Asian influences and tradition.

The interiors of Samui Island spas are relaxing

Not only do you get relaxed with the various treatments offered in spas of Samui Island, your eyes get satisfied with the natural materials used in the interiors like stones, fabrics and tree. You find walls in the spas of Samui Island that are covered by stone bricks, natural wood or bamboo or are perhaps painted in natural earth colors.

There are many spas on Samui Island that offer living plants and flowers and small waterfalls that create a relaxing atmosphere in the environment. And to make sure you get really relaxed while in these spas of Samui Island, you find moderate air conditioning and special fans here.

Spend a few days in Samui Island spas to reap its benefits

It is important that you spend at least a day or two in spas of Samui Island to reap its actual benefits. In fact, if you have the time and can afford it, staying for a whole week in the spa in Samui Island provides best results from the spa treatment. It is up to you to decide on the length of the stay, and the type of treatment you can afford in the spas of Samui Island while keeping your budget for spa treatment in mind.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008