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Koh Samui Health | Samui spas also place emphasis on spa cuisine

It is a known fact that you are what you eat. So instead of eating junk food and becoming a food junkie, you should eat freshly cooked meat and vegetables which are much more better for your health. There is no point of eating any form of fried food as its oil contents far exceed its nutritional values, if any.

With so many spas on Samui Island offering you different spa treatments and therapies for your external body, lots of care is also being placed on whatever goes in the body. This has led to an increase in the demand for spa cuisine which involves the choosing of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables available to enhance the flavor of a meal.

Spa cuisine believes that all fats and oils are not bad for health

Spa cuisine places emphasis on the fact that all fats and oils are not bad. There are some fats that your body needs; according to spa cuisine, you have to consider the quality and Quantity of the fats that you consume. As spa cuisine doesn't cook with oils, it places emphasis on reducing the intake of saturated fat by using only trimmed and lean meat in its spa cuisine. The meals in spa cuisine are designed with essential fatty acids found in grains, pulses, vegetables and fish.

Spa cuisine is an art, and not only a type of cuisine

Spa cuisine is also considered to be a unique culinary art; that not all chefs are well versed with spa cuisine. Spa cuisine chefs add herbs to a dish while not only thinking of the taste it brings, but also takes into consideration the medicinal properties of the spa cuisine. Spa cuisine uses ginger to not only perk up taste buds, but also to aid digestion. Lemongrass is used in spa cuisine for its citrus tang and to clear your breathing tracts.

You can find many restaurants on Samui Island offering spa cuisine as an alternative option in their menus. With the current trend and demand for spa cuisine, it won't be long before all the restaurants on Samui Island incorporate spa cuisine in their menus.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008