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Samui Spas: Sunday Sanctuary Spa

Koh Samui Health | Learn more about the Sunday Sanctuary Spa of Samui Island

One of the unique spas of Samui Island is the Sunday Sanctuary Spa. This is a spa where you get to escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. The Sunday Sanctuary Spa is only a kilometer away from the busy ring road, but it is so peaceful here that you would never realize it was so near to such a busy road.

Sunday Sanctuary Spa offers hotel pick-ups

Though you can drive down to Sunday Sanctuary Spa if you know the directions, you can always ask for them to pick you up at your hotel. The drivers of Sunday Sanctuary Spa will also happily drive you back after your refreshing natural spa experience here. The approach to Sunday Sanctuary Spa is beautiful; with stepping stones found on the length of a stream that runs from the car park to the spa reception.

There are no frills and wastage in Sunday Sanctuary Spa; however the experience here is nevertheless enthralling. The shower and changing rooms here are darkened, to give a cave like experience while the other side of these rooms brings you into the brightness of another world; like the metamorphosis you experience after your spa experience.

Sunday Sanctuary Spa believes in nature and not air-conditioning

Sunday Sanctuary Spa offers a tropical atmosphere here while keeping with nature as there are no air-con suites offered here. You find fresh air everywhere and with the Sunday Sanctuary Spa being located on a hill, there are always cooling breezes here. You have a wide selection of top treatments to choose from here in Sunday Sanctuary Spa.

Sunday Sanctuary Spa offers massages, wraps, facials, body scrubs, facials and special packages. There is also a garden herbal steam room and a cold plunge pool in Sunday Sanctuary Spa for you to use. And if you are lucky, you could get to stay in one of the 10 accommodation suites of Sunday Sanctuary Spa of Samui Island to get immersed in this hidden world.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008